Boutique Pilates Studio

In my Pilates studio in Maarssen-dorp, I combine traditional methods, new developments and the very best equipment to make the movements safer and more functional.

The group lessons are small-scale so that everyone gets enough attention and the exercises can be adapted to everyone’s level. 

The studio is equipped with exercises specially developed for Pilates. More than 500 exercises can be performed on this equipment, so you will never be bored! Moreover, it is possible to choose the exact exercises your body needs.

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Marianna Czene

My name is Marianna. I am trained and certified according to the Classical, the STOTT and the POLESTAR Pilates method. My classes are based on the authentic Pilates method, integrated with the knowledge of contemporary developments, including biomechanics and the modern understanding of the body to make the movements safer and more functional. My mission is to bring balance to people in this stressful society through Pilates, so that they not only feel at home in their bodies again, but also become more vital and happy. 


Who I am.
My name is César and I am trained by the Spanish Pilates and Tai Chi Federation together with the Andalusian Pilates Association. I am from Spain, I have lived in the Netherlands for a few years and my passion is to teach and learn about body movement, creating awareness in your posture, connecting with your being and thus healing through movement. By being connected to the body we return to the present.

My story and experience

In short, I started doing artistic gymnastics when I was seven years old and in just one year I was federated by the Andalusian federation. At the age of eight from that year he was already competing. I have been champion of Andalusia and Spain, individually and in groups. In this way I gained knowledge of body movement from body consciousness. I have studied sports, one of them being Pilates, I have been practicing this method since 2013. In Spain I was working for neighborhood associations, in the gym, and personal training. Working as a Pilates teacher. And I was also an artistic gymnastics coach in the two clubs in my province of Huelva.
Pilates like gymnastics have been contributors to obtaining greater awareness of the body and mind.
Here in the Netherlands I have been teaching classes to people since 2020, I have given it in the parks to a group of people, also personal or private, and with the groups having a somewhat varied age of injuries, etc., I have adapted a Pilates for everyone. In 2021 I had the opportunity to train in a place as a Pilates teacher. And as I said before, both in groups and personally.


We will develop awareness of our own body through the Pilates exercises that we will teach in classes to connect with our being so that in the future you can correct yourself independently of my guidance because you created awareness of your being and your physical body. communicate, that I am starting to teach Pilates classes at the Boutique Pilates Maarssen studio
The format is oriented towards something more than Pilates, it is in one way or another to reconnect with the being through postural awareness and from there return to the present by being aware of it.
We will have different types of exercise such as dynamic, static, therapeutic, strength, flexibility, balance, breathing work… and many more things.
Do you want to meet you?
This is your opportunity to be mindful to heal through movement.


The studio is located in Maarssen-dorp (Stichtse Vecht) in the province of Utrecht.  The studio is easily accessible from the surrounding places, such as Breukelen, Loenen aan de Vecht, Vleuten, Terwijde, Utrecht Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht Central, Train station Maarssen by bike, car or public transport. Nearby, various parking facilities are free of charge.

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