My name is Marianna. I am trained and certified according to the Classical, the STOTT and the POLESTAR Pilates method. My classes are based on the authentic Pilates method, integrated with the knowledge of contemporary developments, including biomechanics and the modern understanding of the body to make the movements safer and more functional. My mission is to bring balance to people in this stressful society through Pilates, so that they not only feel at home in their bodies again, but also become more vital and happy. 

According to my clients, my classes have a certain softness but I know exactly how to make you work hard with flow and dynamics.


A healthy lifestyle has always been very important to me. Since I was fourteen, I have been a member of all kinds of fitness clubs and tried everything they had to offer. At the same time, alongside my university education, I developed into a group exercise instructor of various classes at master level. For years, I worked with weights as a trainer and I really believed that I had put all the strength into my body that I needed. I was wrong. What I had done was create a bulky and stiff set of muscles in a young, active body… Then I discovered the Pilates method. My movements became more controlled. My posture was straighter and I had more energy than ever before. After a few months, my thick muscles started to stretch and my body became more and more supple. Then my aches and pains disappeared and I discovered that I enjoyed my exercises much more. I was sold. The intelligence of this form of movement fascinates and inspires me.

“I absolutely love my job and I wake up every day thinking how I can do my job better. It never feels like a job. It’s hard work and sometimes exhausting, but I would be doing this even if they didn’t pay me for it. That’s a pretty awesome feeling.”


Every human body is different and therefore every training session is different. The choice of training depends on the results to be achieved. Since 2010, I work for a physiotherapy practice, a fully equipped pilates studio (Bodyvita Amsterdam), for the Rabobank as a vitality coach, and I also provide workshops to companies and events (Rabo International Event, SHV Energy). With great enthusiasm, I motivate and stimulate others to achieve their personal goals in a safe, warm and inspiring environment.

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